Meet The Practitioner



Carrie Ann Strub


Carrie Ann Strub is the founder and practitioner at Harmony Integrative Health.  She is a registered and licensed occupational therapist with decades of experience in the field, including pediatric, geriatric and home health care.  She is also a certified massage therapist, bodyworker and an intuitive healer.  Carrie Ann has seen the transformative physical and emotional benefits experienced by her clients as a result of her compassionate care and therapeutic touch. It has inspired her through the years in her lifelong pursuit of continual learning and practice in the healing arts.  


A Practitioner Who Understands

Carrie Ann's Story...

Carrie Ann is a practitioner who understands the challenges that injury and illness can bring because she's experienced it personally.   In 2008, she was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent extensive and aggressive treatment to battle the disease.  While the treatments she received saved her life, the experience left her body ravaged and depleted, her cognition impaired and her spirit broken.  Although she was in remission and appeared to most people to have recovered, what they could not see was the struggle that ensued.  Carrie Ann was left too disabled to successfully return to her job, unable to perform even some the most simple or routine work tasks because she could not mentally process what she needed to do. Furthermore, her entire body was wracked with persistent pain and her fatigue was overwhelming.  Her family and social lives were impacted significantly because it took nearly every ounce of physical and emotional energy she had just to simply get through each day.  Cancer treatments had saved her life but she was not truly living.

On Carrie Ann's path to her own healing, traditional Western medicine offered limited relief. Some doctors were empathetic but had no answers.  Some implied the cognitive changes, chronic pain and fatigue were caused by depression rather than seeing her depression as a result of these conditions.  Some offered medications that helped relieve some symptoms but made others worse.  None, however, offered her holistic alternatives.

Harmony Integrative Health Is Born

Carrie Ann is now a productive and thriving owner of a private holistic therapy practice and enjoys an active family and social life.  How is that possible when things looked so bleak?  Well, the truth is that her life did not simply get better with time.  Many factors played into the improvements in her physical, cognitive, emotional and spiritual health over the past few years.  A supportive network of family and friends, access to healthcare and wellness providers, participation in a spiritual practice, a strong and determined will and a great sense of humor all influenced her improvement!

And... the reality is that, even several years later,  Carrie Ann continues to experience ongoing long-term effects from her cancer treatments, including mild cognitive challenges, chronic pain and chronic fatigue.  But through her experience as an occupational therapist and her training in other holistic healing practices, she has found the ability to successfully manage her symptoms and live a productive, meaningful, happy and balanced life.  Having personally gained so much from what she has learned, Carrie Ann now finds greater purpose in her profession and in her life as she shares her knowledge, skills and experiences with others.

Carrie Ann founded Harmony Integrative Health with the heartfelt intention to serve others by promoting healthful living, guiding clients on their journeys to healing body, mind and spirit and helping them in creating more ease and joy in their lives! 

Let's face it - Life is too short to waste it on being miserable.  As the saying goes, pain is inevitable but suffering is optional.