Fees For Holistic Therapeutic Services


Occupational Therapy Intake and Evaluation / Other Assessments:

  • Occupational Therapy Intake and Initial Evaluation  -  $200

  • Home Safety and Accessibility Assessment: $200

Individual Sessions For All Therapeutic Services / Treatment Sessions:

  • 30 minutes   -  $45.00

  • 60 minutes   -  $90.00

  • 90 minutes   -  $135.00

  • 120 minutes -  $180.00

* Please note:   Massage therapy services are subject to state and local sales and use tax.

Discounted Therapeutic Massage Packages:

  • Three 60-minute therapeutic massage sessions - $229.50 (15% discount saves you $40.50)

  • Five 60-minute therapeutic massage sessions - $360.00 (20% discount saves you $90.00)

  • Ten 60-minute therapeutic massage sessions - $675.00 (25% discount saves you $225.00)

*  Note: Therapeutic massage packages are subject to state and local sales and use taxes.

Home visits can be arranged for some services and are offered to clients who are unable to access the clinic due to physical disabilities or transportation issues. Driving time to and from the clinic is billed for home visits that are further than 10 miles from the clinic unless other arrangements have been made with the practitioner prior to a scheduled home visit.  Due to lack of state licensure, home visits cannot be provided in the state of Wisconsin.

Group Sessions /Classes / Workshops:

  • Prices Vary

Payment is required at time of service.

If cost is a hardship, please discuss your concerns with the practitioner prior to your appointment.  A sliding fee may be applied on a case-by-case basis.  

Harmony Integrative Health does not accept health insurance at this time.

Attitudes toward holistic health services have become increasingly positive and the benefits more widely accepted, but unfortunately many health insurance companies continue to deny coverage for these services or will only cover services by in-network providers.  You may request your service records at any time to submit to your insurance company for personal reimbursement, if applicable.

One significant benefit to not billing health insurance companies is that your services will not be limited by their policies.  You and the therapist have more freedom to best serve your needs by choosing and customizing the types, frequency and duration of services provided in your plan of care.