Guided Imagery  and

Interactive Mindfulness Meditation


 Guided imagery and Interactive Mindfulness Meditation allow a person to enter into an altered state of consciousness, tapping into their own innate wisdom to promote physical, emotional or spiritual healing.  

Using these techniques, they mobilize unconscious processes to assist in the attainment of conscious goals and realization of set intentions.  The person being guided is always in control and able to decide the direction of the experience.  Clients often come away with a message from the experience that gives them a deeper sense of awareness and clarity.  Clients also frequently come away with increased feelings of centeredness and overall wellbeing. 

Guided Imagery:  When using guided imagery the practitioner may guide the client to imagine images, sensations, symbols and metaphors using all of their physical senses (vision, hearing, touch, taste, smell) and other intuitive perceptions. This way the experience is not only mental but also felt within the body and the mind.  Guided imagery may be approached through simple verbal, non-interactive directives from the practitioner or they may be interactive to deepen the experience.  

Interactive Mindfulness Meditation:  This is a deep process that assists a person in working through challenging emotional blockages that may be affecting them physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually and may be having an impact on their daily functioning. The purpose of this type of meditation is to increase self-love and self-acceptance through the client's integration of emotions - allowing these emotions to surface, to be experienced, to witness them and to accept them without self-judgement or blame.  This process is done while the client is in a meditative state so that emotions can be processed simply as energy within the body.  The practitioner will guide the client in mindful dual awareness, both experiencing the feelings while witnessing them from a loving, accepting and non-judging Higher-Self witness state or Wisdom Consciousness.  This is how acceptance, integration and healing begins.  This process can be used to gain insights into and resolve inner conflicts or concerns, or it can be used to effect more life-altering growth through emotional integration.


Possible Benefits of Guided Imagery and Interactive Meditation:

  • Reduce Physical and/or Emotional Stress
  • Reduce Physical and/or Emotional Pain
  • Release Trauma Stored in the Body
  • Improve Physical Health and Physiological Functioning
  • Reduce the Need for Medications that Treat Pain or Anxiety
  • Improve sleep
  • Improve Mental and/or Emotional Clarity
  • Improve Performance of Cognitive and Physical Tasks
  • Enhance Love and Acceptance of Self and Others
  • Enhance Sense of Spiritual Connectedness
  • Facilitate Healthy Connection of Body, Mind and Spirit