Intuitive Energy Healing and Clearing


Energy is a force that is in every person and every thing.  It is a life force that flows within and around our bodies.  When flowing properly, a person will feel a sense of ease and overall wellness.  

But energy flow can be depleted, impeded or may flow too excessively within and around a person's body.  This flow of energy can be influenced by many factors, such as heredity, diet, drug or alcohol use, environment, interactions with other people, thoughts, emotions, belief systems and a person's level of physical or mental activity.

In an energy-based approach to health, the practitioner consciously and intuitively uses their hands to assess and influence the human energy system to remove blockages and return the flow of energy to a balanced state or homeostasis.  The practitioner specifically focuses on the energy field that surrounds the body (the aura), and the energy centers that control the flow from the energy field within the physical body (the chakras and meridians).

 A Non-Invasive Approach

Energy healing and clearing can be done with hands on or off the client, making it a very non-invasive modality of healing.  It is beneficial for anyone and may be of particular interest to people for whom physical touch is aversive, painful or contraindicated.

During the session, the practitioner may pick up energetic information in the form of thoughts, images, physical sensations or emotions.  If it seems appropriate and relevant to the client's healing process, the practitioner may make comments or ask the client questions during or after the process to gain deeper insights that may aid in healing.


Possible Benefits of Energy Healing and Clearing:

  • Help Prevent or Heal Illness
  • Enhance Physical Health and Physiological Functioning
  • Reduce Physical Stress and Pain
  • Induce the Body's Relaxation Response
  • Reduce Emotional Stress and Pain
  • Enhance a Sense of Spiritual Connectedness